The Cultural Partnership has published a number of evaluations of its work and commissioned some research into cultural participation in Birmingham.

Sector Research

Why the Creative Industries Matter to Birmingham: An Analysis of the City's Creative Economy (2010)

This report developed by the Burns Owen Partnership (BOP) for the Creative Birmingham Partnership Board, sets out the case for building on the start Birmingham has made in developing its creative economy.

Cultural Participation in Birmingham

Barriers to Cultural Participation Research (2010)

In February 2010, ECOTEC Research and Consulting Ltd (ECOTEC) was commissioned by the Birmingham Cultural Partnership to review existing data and research on the barriers to cultural participation and the cultural needs of the residents of Birmingham.

Identifying the Barriers to Cultural Participation in Erdington, Hodge Hill, Ladywood and Perry Barr (2011) 

In early 2011 Vector Research were commissioned to deliver a qualitative study seeking to provide an understanding of low participation in the four constituencies and how best to address the issue. This followed up some of the issues identified by ECOTEC in their research in 2010 (see above)

Programme Evaluations

Evaluating the Impact of the Birmingham Cultural Partnership's Working Neighbourhoods Fund Commissioning Programme (2011)

In February 2011, Ecorys was commissioned by the Birmingham Cultural Partnership (BCP) to evaluate their four Working Neighbourhoods Fund (WNF) commissioning (grants) programmes. The aim of this evaluation was to better understand the cultural, social and economic impact of the WNF commissioning programmes.