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The Great Excursion

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To mark the opening of Raycho Stanev's installation at The Edge, Friction Arts host a critical debate on race, nationality and cultural identity on 3 June from 6pm to 9pm. What is it that makes us who we are; our DNA, our history, our upbringing?

Raycho Stanev's interactive installation contains memories of Bulgarian Turks, hundreds and thousands of whom were expelled from Bulgaria in 1989. A shameful, hidden chapter of European history, almost unknown in the West, it is a reminder of what happens when DNA, rather than our shared humanity, is the focus of attention. Imagine everyone with Jamaican and Pakistani heritage suddenly being sent 'home' - a place where nobody knows you, where you have no connections, leaving behind the community in which you grew up.

The Great Excursion gives a fascinating and disturbing insight into what happens to a community where politics takes over from reality. Is it where you're from, or where you are at that matters?

Presented in partnership with Punch Records - Bass Festival 2010 (


Critical Debate (3 June 6-9pm)

Raycho Stanev Installation (3-19 June 1-7pm)

The Edge

79-81 Cheapside



B12 0QH

0121 772 6160