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The Big Culture Blog - 24 hours in the cultural life of our city

Subscribe to RSS RSSFriday, 9th April, 2010

Midday, Friday 23rd April – Midday, Saturday 24th April 2010.

The Big Culture Blog is a unique and ambitious plan to map 24 hours in the cultural life of Birmingham – with the help of everyone in the city.

The plan is to showcase how much goes on in our city – and how many people are involved - to the independent panel who are judging the UK City of Culture bids.

You will be able to watch the day unfold live, as it happens, on a special website – and add your messages as to what cultural events or activities you’re doing that day!

We want to include everything that people are doing from children’s craft clubs and knitting circles to ballet rehearsals or a photography project at college, or a night at the theatre, comedy or live music in a club.

The idea is create a massive city-wide blog with contributions from as many people as possible to show the judging panel that the people and organisations of Birmingham are backing the bid!

Throughout the 24 hours there will be roving reporters, out and about, visiting events across the city to report back live on the website on what the city is getting up to. Armed with video cameras they will capture Birmingham enjoying culture in its many forms!

It will be easy to take part – as simple as sending an email! Everyone in the city encouraged to take part – will only take a minute or two to contribute. The blog will be available at

If you’d like to take part, keep your eyes on the Birmingham Mail for more information or email to let us know you’d like to take part.

Birmingham’s bid to be UK City of Culture - we can win – with your help!