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Help us shape the Birmingham bid

Subscribe to RSS RSSMonday, 12th April, 2010

The deadline is fast approaching and you have just 31 days left to have a say in Birmingham's bid to be the UK City of Culture for 2013.

The bid team want people across the city to help shape the bid, so click here to play your part.

Chairman of the Birmingham Cultural Partnership Cllr Martin Mullaney said: “Birmingham has always been an exciting and innovative city and we’re sure people across the city can play a significant role in shaping our bid to be the UK City of Culture in 2013.

“The most exciting element of this is that there’s no way to predict what will come out of the consultation. People can log onto the website and take us off in all sorts of creative and wonderful directions.

“The important thing here is that this is a Birmingham-wide bid – it’s not just about the council or the many high profile arts and cultural organisations in the city.

“We want people across the city to make their mark so individuals and organisations from the grassroots up can be part of the Birmingham story.

“If you have ideas, please log onto the website and share them. If you don’t have an idea at the moment but are interested in the process, log onto the website for inspiration.”

Some of the latest ideas

Daniel Godfrey: A large styling/upcycling clothes customisation and swopshop event that brings independent designers together to profile the massive amounts of creativity in the area that are currently untapped, to bring people together in a creative and sustainable way that promotes reducing consumption of new materials and adding value to old and discarded materials. I would also like to see arts events - live gallery/open studio events and workshops to bring art to the people. break down barriers that exist in the perception of art and artists. Similar to Artsfest but funded to enable more freelancers to participate who cannot afford to maintain running costs and be at big events.

Alison: I like the way the German Market brings people together in a relaxed environment and in an outdoor space - something similar in the summer months would be great, with barbeques and activities for young people and interesting things to 'browse' for people who prefer a slower pace!

Karlina Hall: Bring together various artists to exhibit their creations in public spaces across Birmingham City Centre to create a cultural trail. The trail will encourage a range of audiences to explore places of cultural significance and connect with Birmingham’s artistic communities as part of an interactive experience that can be enjoyed and accessed by all!

Dan: A huge Carnival of Light as a secular and inclusive festival that turns Diwali into a city-wide event where everyone can get involved. With a huge Indian population, it could be one of the largest in the world outside India.

If you would like to vote for any of these ideas or add a suggestion of your own, click here to have your say. This is your bid.