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“Teachers and Artists Working Together” Match Funded Bursary

BEP and Arts Connect are offering an opportunity to a cluster of 3 schools (within a BEP district) to develop a commission supported by BEP Arts Engagement, to work with an Artist or Arts Organisation, to explore how collaboration can impact on teaching and learning, pupil attainment or school improvement. Examples of this could be (but not limited to):

• a curriculum theme or topic.

• Focus on a curriculum area.

• Developing character (PSHE etc).

• British Values or another OFSTED target.

* A specific Art Form that might benefit or be lacking in your school (for example a dance project).

• Focus on a targeted group of young people (for example boys and writing or perhaps girls and digital technology)

• Staff CPD (an element of the bursary would be around the Artist and Teachers working together to plan, deliver and evaluate the program which would include professional development.)

The Bursary is open to any Primary, Secondary or Special school in the BEP network, targeted to any age and phase of young people.

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