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5 Soldiers World Premiere

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5 SOLDIERS ? The Body is the Frontline, Rosie Kay?s most dynamic, physical and moving work yet, premiered on Friday 23 April at the International Dance Festival in Birmingham. The production is currently on a three month tour of the UK.

Through intensely physical dance theatre, this gritty, powerful new production tells the soldier?s story. It goes beyond the cold facts of news reporting and deals with the personal and emotional experience of the people behind the headlines. 5 SOLDIERS is an original story inspired by serving and former soldiers and the artists own insight into military life.

Choreographer Rosie Kay and war artist David Cotterrell give us a glimpse into the boredom, the fun and the intensity of personal relationships brought together by conflict. 5 SOLDIERS is a unique perspective of the physical transformation of what makes a soldier and how the experience of warfare affects those that choose to put their bodies and their lives on the line.

?My inspiration was that I wanted to understand how a soldier is trained and how they can risk their lives for their work?, says Kay. ?After working with 4 Rifles I started to realise that being a soldier isn?t straightforward, and that that life in the military is complex, and I wanted to explore the human and emotional side of being a soldier.?

Reaching beyond traditional dance theatre, 5 SOLDIERS tells the individual story behind the headlines. It is a timely and thought-provoking exploration of war in modern times, giving us an intimate view of the training that prepares you for the sheer physicality of combat, for possible injury and for the impact being involved in conflict has on the body and mind.

With a second tour already planned for the autumn, 5 SOLDIERS is a tour de force for the senses. It explores the idea that despite technological and economic developments, it is the human body that is still the frontline.